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How to Build Wheelchair Ramps for
is a manual of design and
construction for modular wheelchair ramps.
This manual includes information about modular
ramps and long-tread low-riser steps to
improve safe home accessibility.

Our ramps have been featured in several
national magazines. The Handyman article
provides a great overview of the design and
building process for modular ramps.

The Manual
The manual leads you through the entire
process, from design, permits, and materials
through construction and installation. It is
great for family and friends, experienced
builders, and community service groups.

See important design and safety information,
hear first-person accounts from ramp users,
obtain perspectives from building officials, and
get many helpful construction tips.

Safe Ramps
Slope is the most critical safety concern when
designing a ramp. Never build steeper than
1:12, but you may need a more gradual slope
for safe use.

Long-tread, Low-riser Steps
These steps share the same modular design
with our ramps. They can provide easy and
safe accessibility to home for people using
walkers, canes, and crutches.

Programs that provide design and financial help
can help you get a ramp or steps installed for
safe and easy access to your home.

This project started as a joint project of the Metropolitan Center
for Independent Living
, the Minnesota Division of
Rehabilitation Services
, the Multiple Sclerosis Society and the
United Handicapped Federation.
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