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Tips for Building Modular Ramps and Steps

"Tips for Building Modular Ramps and Steps" is a companion to the Ramp Manual. The
video shows the purpose and reason for the construction of the modules and a offers a
few basic tips that can help save time and materials.
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On-line Excerpts from the DVD

Personal Perspectives [04:46]
See some of the comments from ramp users, friends, and family.
- Reource: Handyman magazine article

Design Considerations [05:20]
Look at several poorly designed ramps and hear users' responses.
- Resource: Ramp design principles (Ramp Manual, page 3)

Design Factors [03:11]
Design must consider the ability and needs of the person using it. Includes the
long-tread, low-riser steps.
- Resource: The steps (Ramp Manual, page 56)
- Resource: Tips for using long-tread low-riser steps with a wheelchair
- Resource: Personal experiences using these accessibility steps (inMotion article)

Building Process [05:18]
Follow a city building inspector as he examines and explains the safety and construction
design details of a typical ramp.
- Resource: Read about the building process (starting on page 21 of the Ramp Manual)

All video clips in WMV format. DVD quality much better than these excerpts.