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For over a decade the Minnesota Ramp Project has been the subject of articles in
nationally distributed magazines. These articles give construction tips and insights
from construction volunteers and people who are using the ramps.
The Handyman Club of America published a
wonderful article about building these ramps. The
full story includes photos and details of design
and construction with comments from Bob
Zimmerman and Jim Sueker.
(Photo of James Williams, MCIL.)
in Motion is the national publication of the Amputee
Coalition of America; the September/October 1998
issue's article, "Welcome Home to Accessibility," featured
interviews with several people who use the long-tread
lower-riser steps. These steps may benefit "anyone who
is able to walk, especially people with lower limb loss, a
walker, a cane, or crutches."
The National Multiple Sclerosis Society published a
good article in the Summer 1999 (Vol 17, No 3) issue
of Inside MS. "Ramps to Go" focuses on the "people
side" of accessibility ramps: the motivation for
starting the Ramp Project, and how it affects people
involved in providing and receiving the ramps.
The NACCED Insights article (text) about the Ramp
Project and designs: "Modular Wheelchair Ramps:
An Effective Alternative
Also check out this album of photos from the Ramp Project Teleconference videotape.